When girls walk with their butt sticking out and chest pushed upwards.

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That annoying moment when my phone rings and it wakes me up

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When another girl calls you ugly.


but when a boy calls you ugly..

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Aren’t i Enough?

I try for you
I try for us
isn’t that enough?

I cry for you
and I lost my friends
I dealt with demons
and I closed off
maybe my love isn’t enough

I thought maybe someday
you would wake up
from this trance

and see that I am not a different person

i am not here to hurt you

I think somehow
this is enough
but it is not enough
it will never be enough

For some reason
it is okay with me
because maybe I am enough
maybe it is just you
that just will not see
that I am perfect
and that i try
because unlike you
I am me

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